Your purchase

When you make your purchase in person in our office in Antwerp, you can pay by using our physical payment terminal or by making an instant bank wire. We will only be able to hand the watch to you once the money is received on our bank account. We do not accept cash payments.

When you prefer to make the payment online, you can do so by either making a bank wire or by using the trusted chrono24 checkout.       

If you prefer us to ship your watch instead of picking it up in person you can reach out to us through your preferred channel. We will be glad to discuss the process with you and find a tailor-made solution for your needs. We use Fedex as shipping carrier and will always make sure that our shipment is professionally packed and fully insured.

Thanks to the fact that all of our watches pass by our experienced watchmakers, we are able to provide you a one year warranty on all our timepieces.

Since all of our watches get inspected, regulated and serviced if necessary, it is highly unlikely that problems will ever occur. In case anything would be wrong, we will make sure that we will solve the issue as fast as possible.

The warranty will only be given to the person who bought the watch from us. When you sell our timepiece to someone else, the warranty is not transferrable to the next owner of the watch.

As most of the watches we sell do have an automatic movement, we will always make sure that it runs between certain standards and values. Feel free to reach out to us in case you would like to get more technical info.

The warranty is only applicable on the functionality of the watch, and does not include: water damage, damage to the watch case, pushers, crown, straps, glass, bezel, bracelets, or any other external part.

We do not guarantee waterproofness unless the watch is brand new. Damage caused by use or improper use is also not covered. Modifications made by a third party cancels the warranty.